Checking In - New Project Started

Posted by Lyn on June 16, 2007 under Early Ideas, In Progress, Meta |

I have started sewing and cutting for the project I’ll codename ‘Yellow Star.’ It’s a fairly complicated project, but I think it will be very dramatic in the end. It’s a variation on the design shown in this post (which I foolish, oh so foolishly, titled “‘04 Projects” — yes, as in 2004 Bwahaha.) I’ve also started noodling (in Electric Quilt 6) on a design for the project that will come after that. I learned how to do a new thing in EQ6 - namely, design my own block. It wasn’t my block design, though. I was copying one out of a magazine that EQ6 didn’t have in its database. Anyway, it’s not very hard, although I had to use the book for help — the software itself is not all that intuitive. I don’t think the design I have is anywhere near final (or will even have any relation to what I end up with), but it was good to play around with it a bit.

A friend of mine mentioned to me that she wasn’t able to post comments here the other day. I finally figured out why - comments are blocked after 21 days on a post (to avoid spam.) I’d forgotten I set it up to do that. So the lesson is, I have to post at least every 3 weeks so that there’s something at the top that people can post on! I’ll try to be better about that.

Pictures still to come of the finished quilt for my cousin.

  • cher said,

    seems like friends should be checking in on a more regular basis too! Good to be playing with quilting block ideas…a new project sounds good! there is an update photo of the wedding quilt project at my blog by the way. The half way point has been reached.