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  • Sports make for happy families? Sure (but so do other things) – but with everything so organized and scheduled, there’s no opportunity for pick-up games. Nevertheless, as soon as TheLittleGuy is wobbling around on two legs, we’re going to be schlepping him to the fields at the rec center and saying “run around, run around!” I have a whole entry (in my head) about my concerns about the nature deficit for children.. one of these days.
  • How to Fight a Rumor - Hint: don’t just ignore it.
  • Michael Berube is blogging again, and has a snarky open letter to “conservatives.” Read the whole thing. A snippet:
    Folks, I don’t think you understand how we truly feel about you. We mock you and tease you, I know, and you hate us for it. But we don’t hate you back. Really, we don’t. We’re secular pluralists, after all, and we know we have to find ways of sharing this planet with people who can’t stand secular pluralists. We really just want you to leave us alone. Still, we have our limits. The way you’ve behaved over the past decade or two leads us to believe that you’ll do whatever it takes to make the next decade or two a living hell for everyone who’s sincerely trying to clean up all the messes you’ve made. And we just can’t be bothered with that nonsense right now. This is too important.

  • Digby on the possibility of some progressive shock doctrine. If only Obama and other Democratic leaders would seriously consider these kinds of ideas.
  • Digby and Avedon on how Republicans really don’t respect you at all – they talk a good game, but when it comes right down to it, they hold the vast bulk of the citizenry in contempt.
    They don’t respect you and they don’t want to have to pretend they do. They want you to show them deference and they know you won’t do that if you feel like a free person in a free society who doesn’t have to take crap from some petty tyrant who thinks you should feel honored to kiss his ring. Republicans are pissed off because it’s so hard to get good help these days – help that knows they are just the help, that knows their place, that uses the servants’ entrance and calls them “sir” and doesn’t question them. A strong middle-class – that is, a secure workforce – gets bolshy and tells abusive employers to bugger off, and the ruling class doesn’t like that.

  • A bit more from Merlin Mann on redoing 43 Folders with a re-oriented focus:
    This is now a site for people who want to finish things that they care about — but who still occasionally need help, inspiration, and the courage to push all the bullshit off their work table. This is about clearing that space every day, and then using it to do cool stuff that makes you proud.

  • Really, really Not Safe For Work (lots of nasty language – you’ve been warned). Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart send a letter to John McCain about his campaign’s use of one of their songs. Ouch.
  • For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet – Keating Economics. The Obama campaign explains John McCain’s unethical behavior from the 80s, for those who’ve forgotten or were too young to notice.
  • A Suzanne Vega song was the basis for improving the mp3 compression scheme. She listened and thought a little bit of the warmth was lost.
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