Journally Again

Once again too tired and wrung out to properly blog. Some journally bits:

I have a very stiff and sore neck that if it doesn’t get better overnight will probably cause me to wake up and be immobile – it’s that kind of near-spasmy nerve pinch kind of ouchie. No fun.

Our neighbor kindly raked up the leaves on our little patch of grass in front of the house today while his dog supervised (so cute). I promised him cookies the next time I make some. I’ve been promising TheGuy some oatmeal-cranberry-cherry cookies for weeks – Penzey’s has a recipe we want to try – need to carve out a window to whip them up and drop some by the neighbors’ as well.

Busy weekend, as all of our weekends are lately – mostly with household management stuff and keeping the kid supplied with all the things he needs to be supplied with. We finally retired the borrowed co-sleeper for TheLittleGuy (which had long since become a laundry basket storage place) and put the borrowed crib together. One of these days he might sleep in it – at least for a nap. Among other supplies we got him today were some soft blocks to play with. He laughed out loud when I was showing them to him, which is a new trick he’s learning. He’ll laugh when we deliberately try to make him laugh, but spontaneous laughter at something he observes is still quite rare (this was only the 2nd or 3rd time).

Two technology things that are bugging me lately: 1) My MacBook has the problem with the clickpad that is apparently known at Apple HQ (sometimes unresponsive) and its Wifi craps out randomly now and then and 2) Firefox 3 sometimes becomes completely unresponsive to any URLs being typed into the URL oval at the top of the browser; it also randomly stops loading CSS for some pages now and then. Both are irritating. Otherwise I like both the MacBook and Firefox a great deal.

I had a very strange dream the other night about attending a grade school friend’s wedding and a bunch of us all of a sudden realizing we were in a musical performing a song we had not rehearsed and trying to figure out some bobbing up and down choreography on the fly. Seriously. I am clearly not getting enough sleep.

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