Kid-Oriented Consumerism

Nice Day for Playing Ball (5)
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I have been updating TLG’s wishlist occasionally, using Amazon’s Universal Wishlist Feature. Which lets me add things to his wishlist from EVERYWHERE ON THE INTARWEBZ! And, our great global corporate overlords have somehow–I don’t know how[1]–discovered that we have a kid. And now we get kid and toy catalogs galore. And each of them, however generally uninteresting it might be, typically has at least one or two things that might be fun for TLG. So of course I have to flip through them, and occasionally add things to his list. We have been incredibly lucky and had many, many toys bequeathed to him. But we’ve also bought plenty of our own. Turns out, you see, they outgrow toys as fast as they outgrow clothes. Having moved past the newborn/infant phase, our job is not only to keep him alive (an ongoing concern), but now we also have to keep him entertained. I mean, WHO KNEW?!

Thought I’d just jot down a few quick, random impressions of kid entertainment and consumer issues as they occur to me:

  • First, the collection of cds (Rockabye) that translate famous rock bands’ music into lullabyes is just ok. I expected more. (We have the one of U2 songs.) I expected actual re-arrangements using strings, I think. Instead it’s just sort of a translation to chimes. Pleasant enough, but not very interesting.
  • The Land of Nod‘s marketing and design team’s tactics work well on me. I don’t think I’ve bought anything from them yet (expensive), but I’m sure I will.
  • Pre-kid, I thought that BabyGap stuff was pretentious and over-priced. It and its ilk are. BUT. The unbranded stuff is made incredibly cheaply and feels like crap, so BabyGap it is!
  • In general, I have no idea how anyone managed to deal with one kid, much less more than one, prior to online shopping and the wonder that is Amazon Prime.

(Aside: The accompanying picture is from this afternoon – it was 70 degrees, could not stay inside!)
[1] Just kidding – I have a pretty good idea how they figured it out.

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2 Responses to Kid-Oriented Consumerism

  1. Allen says:

    I agree regarding quality of clothes. Becky gets lots of BabyGap (and other, similar pretentious and over priced clothing brands) stuff at the local used kids store. Works for us!

  2. Medley says:

    Yeah – I have a bunch of hand-me-downs and some stuff from consignment, but given my schedule I have tended to just watch for sales (right now BabyGap is doing 30% off) and order online rather than drive hither and yon to consignment stores for an uncertain outcome .. or.. heaven forfend… brave all the crazy women at one of those big consignment sales. Oy.