Farewell Brad, Far, Far Too Soon

Old-skool weblogger and warm-hearted, and funny, let us not forget the funny, friend to all, Brad Graham (of the Bradlands.com) passed away a few days ago. It is extraordinarily hard to express the broad-reaching impact he had on the early webloggers and the community as it grew. This thread over at Metafilter offers some insight as numerous people dug up their Metafilter passwords from 8 or 9 years ago (myself included) to pay a bit of tribute.

I wrote a longer piece about Brad for my Thursday post over at CurrentMom. It is inadequate to the task, but it’s there. A memorial fundraiser has been set up by his friends at the theater where he worked.

As Genehack noted by pulling a couple of the quotes from the Mefi thread, Brad’s early passing should give all of us pause about what we want done with our digital stuff in the event of our untimely passing. I told Genehack I plan to just make sure he has the keys to all of my stuff if something were to happen to me & TheGuy before TLG is old enough to manage it. (Wasn’t joking either – and will make sure it’s in the next revision of the will.) Related to this is the issue of so many people leaving so much of their data in the hands of third parties (like Facebook and Twitter) instead of keeping it on their own sites. Working out how to archive or otherwise not lose track of personal data posthumously is even more complicated in such cases. (I think I saw that Brad’s account at FB has been designated a memorial profile, now.)

Anyway, farewell Brad. I miss you.

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One Response to Farewell Brad, Far, Far Too Soon

  1. genehack says:

    I think Jessamyn stepped up and handled getting his FB account converted over to a “memorial” version.

    I should set up the reciprocal key thing with you and NowThis…