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I don’t have anything informed or intelligent to say about what’s happening in Egypt right now.   A couple of inconsequential personal observations (mainly about my own media consumption): I have been listening to Al Jazeera English for a couple of days now and have been pretty impressed – especially in contrast to the vapidity of American cable news.  I have also noted that I find myself more interested in what Hillary Clinton has to say than in what Barack Obama does. Which coincides with this niggling feeling I’ve had over the last couple of months that she really probably would have made a better Chief Executive.

But American politics are really a sidestory to the larger dynamic unfolding on the world stage.  BEG over at What’s That you Said? has been doing some amazing blogging the last few weeks and months, and the last few days have been no exception. It was there I found this link to a post by zunguzungu:

But for now, I want to remind myself, publicly, that the closest thing to an honorable choice that American citizens like me have is to bear witness and solidarity to the incredibly thing that is happening right now, and to do so as humbly and reverently as we are able to do. The world is changing before us, and we will need new words to describe it if we are to be true to the best parts of ourselves, and if we are to be of any use to a world that we might still find a way to be of use to. We need to learn to listen more clearly. We have corrupted the words we were so proud of inheriting, words like “democracy,” and we need to be a lot better to learn the new words that are being coined right now, in places of which even our own ignorance is something of an unknown quantity to us, and in voices that speak, for example, in languages we don’t understand.


I have become too cynical, too jaded, too hopeless. We become spiritually dead inside when we accept injustice, when we think that expecting it is “realistic,” and watching and being realistic about the world around me has made me a much more angry, frustrated, and bitter person than I would like to be, need to be. I suspect there are a lot of holy things I’ve forgotten how to dream, a lot of words for “freedom” that I’ve lost or misplaced. And that’s the reason why — since I wasn’t here — I can’t stay away from my tiny, tenuous connection to what’s happening in Egypt right now [...]

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