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I always mean to link to my posts from here and never get around to it. So here’s all of them up to last week. Enjoy!


2011-01-06 Digital Storage Observations

2011-01-13 Personal Hotspots

2011-01-20 Scanning Social Media for Snow and Storm Stories

2011-02-03 Instagram is Lightweight and Fun

2011-02-17 Toxic Chemicals and Where the Burden Should Be

2011-02-24 Go See Mike Daisey’s New Show

2011-03-03 Three Quick Thoughts

2011-03-10 Blackberries Produce Guilt

2011-03-17 Sync All Your Bookmarks Everywhere


2010-01-07 Boxes and a Digital Wake

2010-01-14 Google’s Had Enough of China?

2010-01-21 Good Reads and Helpful Resources

2010-01-28 iPad Booga Booga

2010-02-04 Jogging Tech

2010-02-11 Snowed in and Technology Can Only Do So Much

2010-02-18 Stung by Google Buzz

2010-02-25 Who Knows Where You Are When? Locational Data and Privacy

2010-03-04 Contraception, Marketing, and Mommy Bloggers

2010-03-11 Traveling with Toddler and Technology

2010-03-18 FCC Broadband Plan is Out

2010-03-25 Television Technology, Tivo, and More

2010-04-01 Health Care Reform and Information Technology

2010-04-08 Net Neutrality Ruling Makes Broadband Plan Uncertain

2010-04-15 Everyone’s Talking about the iPad

2010-04-22 Technology’s Constant Ethical Morass

2010-04-29 Negotiating Technology Access–Kids and Their Gadgets

2010-05-06 Social Networks and Recall News Propagation

2010-05-13 Wired’s Right: Facebook Has Gone Rogue

2010-05-20 Social Networking, Jr.

2010-05-27 Exceeding Our Competence

2010-06-03 Possible Breast Cancer Vaccine

2010-06-10 Peak Oil and Personal Preparation

2010-06-17 Home Energy Monitoring

2010-06-24 Technology: The Latest Bad Mama Boogeyman

2010-07-01 Predicting Menopause

2010-07-08 Corporate Sponsorhip, Blogs, and Credibility

2010-07-15 Kids and Social Media, Yet Again

2010-07-22 Cool it Down! Climate Change, Local Action, and You

2010-07-29 Etherpad for Distributed Notetaking – Recommended!

2010-08-05 Some Light Reading – Personal MBA

2010-08-12 Timeless Game – Rubik’s Solved Once and For All

2010-08-19 Wishlist as Idea Stash

2010-08-26 Today’s Ephemera, Tomorrow’s Historical Treasure Trove

2010-09-02 Tools Update: Evernote, Instapaper, Echofon

2010-09-09 Smarter Conversations in Social Media for Entrepreneurs

2010-09-16 What’s so Special about Smart Phones?

2010-09-23 The Importance of Quality Tools

2010-09-30 Choosing a Laptop

2010-10-07 Keyboard Efficiencies

2010-10-14 Stuxnet – Creepy Software Weapon

2010-10-21 New Macbook Air – My Next Laptop

2010-10-28 Free WiFi and Web Security Vulnerabilities

2010-11-04 Four Fun iPhone Apps

2010-11-11 Yak Shaving the Basement

2010-11-18 Anticipating the Unknown – Future Indispensable Technologies

2010-11-25 Holiday Help from Technology

2010-12-02 Preliminary iPad Report

2010-12-09 Greenbacks, Not Gift Cards

2010-12-16 iPhones on the Baby’s Brain

2010-12-23 Old Fashioned (Sort of) Holiday Cards

2010-12-30 Tech Projects (and Bans) for 2011


12/31/09 Resolving to Find Time

12/24/09 Online Holiday Amusements

12/17/09 Techie Holidays

12/03/09 Find Ten Red Balloons for Uncle Sam

11/26/09 Gratitude Journals

11/19/09 Not So Isolated After All

11/12/09 Exploiting Your Kid for Science

11/05/09 Of Thermometers and Steam Cleaners and Magic Mice

10/29/09 Tools for Ubiquitous Data Access

10/22/09 Not Sewing for Halloween

10/15/09 Data Loss in the News

10/08/09 Lack of Backup Strategy Considered Harmful

10/01/09 Wave for the Future?

09/24/09 The Last Throes of Cable Television?

09/17/09 Not Yer Mama’s Privacy Policy

09/10/09 Google Books – Legal and Technology Challenges

09/03/09 Snow Leopard – Virtuosity in Software?

08/27/09 Parenting is not a Market-Based Activity

08/27/09 Succumbing to the iPhone

08/13/09 Taking Back the Beep

08/06/09 Discernment in a Disinformation Age

07/30/09 Technology-Enabled Oversharing? Nah.

07/23/09 Making Media of Our Lives

07/16/09 Free Stuff

07/09/09 Say Everything – Refreshingly Well-done

07/02/09 Metro is Infrastructure

06/25/09 Managing Email’s Insanity

06/11/09 Too Much Tech on Travel

06/04/09 Technology Elsewhere

05/28/09 Gadgets Galore

05/21/09 Hubble Teaches: Collect Some Data!

05/14/09 Book Replacements

05/07/09 Anti-Social Technologies

04/30/09 Unplugging and Disconnecting

04/23/09 Getting Things Done with a Kid?

04/16/09 Infrastructure Vulnerability

04/09/09 Happy Birthday, WWW!

04/02/09 Federalizing Cybersecurity

03/26/09 Clever Telephones of the Future

03/19/09 Archiving Digital Photos

03/12/09 Parental Monitoring of Electronic Communications

03/05/09 Tech-Enabled Ubiquitous Music

02/26/09 Calendaring – High Tech or Low Tech?

02/19/09 Children’s Autonomy and Privacy Online

02/12/09 Are Technology-Enabled Toys Over-the-Top?

02/05/09 Television’s Place in the Home

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