Insert Standard ‘is this thing on’ Joke

Torchwood Tower at Cardiff Bay

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Oh right – I have a blog. I should type something here! Short link dump? Let’s go.

Unless there are major changes, I’m pretty inclined to forbid TLG from playing any kind of organized/league football. Katie Granju wrote about her struggle with this issue as it relates to her teenager recently. (So far, TLG is obsessed with baseball, though; phew.)

I’m a big of David Roberts as filtered through his twitter stream. His post, “Policy in an age of post-truth politics” is important – needs to be understood by anyone wants to effect change, especially at the national level.

Nice well-linked post lamenting the sad fact that we can never read all the books, or listen to all the music. This fact makes me feel a small twinge of guilt every time I open up or huge iTunes library and search for an old favorite to listen to.

A flowchart to help determine if you’re having a rational discussion. The first question is really the most important – and one that I often want to (but don’t) ask in crazy FB discussions: “What kind of evidence would you consider legitimate with respect to the truth of your assertion?” Falsifiability is important. There is a whole faction of participants in the political discourse, however, who will just move the goalposts, rather than integrate new facts. So, we’re pretty much stuck.

On that cheery note, some recommendations for escapist entertainment: I’m incredibly late, but finally made it to Doctor Who. Recommended. And it’s streaming on Netflix, so easy to watch if you’re a subscriber. I also have seen all but “Children of Earth” (which looks grim) of Torchwood, and I may like that even better. I appreciate the casting and ‘grittiness’ (overused term, but apropos) of this series compared to most American crime/mystery of the week shows. And I just discovered yesterday that Netflix now has season 5 of MI-5, so I’ll be back to that – also well-cast, if a bit more stylish than Torchwood.

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2 Responses to Insert Standard ‘is this thing on’ Joke

  1. Glen says:

    I’m not sure organized baseball is much better, although the stakes are much smaller. Why not introduce TLG to disorganized sports like tennis or debate. :-)

  2. Medley says:

    I think baseball is better in terms of the metric of ‘likelihood of brain injury.’ We are trying to introduce him to LotsOfStuff. This morning he was playing ‘golf’ a little bit. There isn’t much good tennis equipment for his-sized person, although we’ve sat and watched others play it at the rec center. The baseball obsession is his own – we’re trying to strike a balance between honoring his interest and making sure he knows there are other options.

    And I’m not worried about his debating skills – if he wants to do it formally later, fine, but he already is making me think harder about how I phrase things than I expected to be doing by now. And I write, uhhh, extremely well-qualified prose for a living, so it’s a bit alarming, really.