Hello, World.

I miss writing for this here weblog a lot. Insert the usual laments about why there haven’t been any posts and let’s just jump right in. A few thoughts in no particular order, and not even necessarily the most interesting things since last I posted. Just what’s on my mind as I type:

Twitter continues to be a rich source of links, information, and ideas for me. I’m reasonably happy with how I’ve curated the accounts I’m following. I don’t read everything in my stream each day or feel the need to compulsively ‘scroll back’ if I’m away for a few hours. But, I find it a critical source of information. The combination of official institutional accounts, experts speaking in their professional capacities, and smart individuals maintaining personal feeds (whether they’re lifecasters, mindcasters, thoughtcasters, or whatever) is fascinating. These days, if I come across an interesting thinker, I’m more likely to follow them on Twitter for a bit in order to decide whether to add their blog to my (overflowing, and less well-curated) RSS reader.

I got a Kindle for Christmas – the cheapie non-touch version. I give it a big thumbs-up as an e-reader. I’ve integrated my Instapaper account and now Instapaper is only mostly a write-only service for me, instead of completely a write-only service. I much prefer reading long-form on the Kindle over the iPad.

The boy is doing pretty well. Growing, and growing, and asking ever more interesting questions, including some developmentally appropriate questions about the proverbial birds and the bees. I found this book to add to his rotation: It’s Not the Stork. I recommend it if you have a curious 3-4 year-old.

We are clearing some proverbial decks around the house. TLG’s (formerly completely crazy-making) sleep patterns have settled down a little bit – finally – providing us a little bit of headspace to focus on things beyond ‘work’ and ‘get-through-the-day.’ So we’re doing (still more) culling and organizing and fixing things up around the house. We may even have a party of sorts later this spring. We’re also trying to make some travel plans. TLG is becoming capable enough that I’m not completely paralyzed at the thought of flying with him.

Right now everyone in the house has a bit of a head cold. Unpleasant, to say the least. I blame the crazy weather.

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