Big Plans, No Time for Retrospection

I barely blogged at all this year, and only managed to eke out a few Holidailies this month. And really, the year flew by incredibly fast from my perspective. So, I don’t feel like I have the time or inclination really to do a big retrospective as an end of the year post. A few quick thoughts, though, just as a marker.

  • I’m really glad we managed a couple of little vacations this year, even if we didn’t venture very far. TLG also experienced his first plane flight and did very well.
  • One thing I’ve been doing since the beginning of 2010 is keeping a oneline journal. It’s no great literary feat, but it is at least a terse record of what was going on when. So I now have three complete years of 1-2 sentence descriptions of each. A sample: 2012-10-05 – Fri – Worked at home. [TheGuy] took [TheLittleGuy] to tee ball practice. Watched the Braves/Cards one-game playoff. It works for me – I have a reminder set early each morning to write the entry for the previous day. Voila. If nothing else, TheLittleGuy might be amused to read the mundanities of our day-to-day life at the turn of the century.
  • I think I spend too much keeping up with news that is utterly irrelevant to my day-to-day activities, not to mention harmful to productivity. I know far more about certain things (such as this week’s atrocious fiscal “cliff” fiasco) than I need to. What is the point? So I’m thinking of significantly trimming the amount of time and energy I put into following this stuff, with, perhaps, a complete Twitter/NewsBlur blackout for a week or two, as a sort of a news-fast, just to see if I feel any better. I’m going to have to actually remove the clients from my devices, though, because the habits are just too engrained.

And that moves into the realm of plans and goals for 2013.  I have 4 ambitious goals for the year. I’m not sharing details here, but I’m going to give them codewords and vague descriptions so I can talk about them cryptically.  Aren’t I fun? Here we go:

  • Project Hurricane: If I can execute on this, it has the potential to be a really high-profile, long-term result.  Challenge: High risk (even if it works) and getting what I need to make it work is not at all a certainty.
  • Project Surround: Requires a lot of focus and creativity, as well as some detailed data management. Challenge: What this project requires is not really in my wheelhouse.
  • Project RockStar: Also requires a lot of focus, creativity, and huge chunks of time (which–see above–I will try to steal back from my newsjunkie addiction). Challenge: Deeply psychologically/emotionally hard for me, but, if I’m honest, it may actually be squarely in my wheelhouse. Also, I have excellent support for this one. If I pull it off, it will be huge for me.
  • Project Rhubarb: A totally fun thing that will mostly require outlays of cash along with some time and planning. Challenge: Just finding the time to do the planning and convincing myself to spend the cash.

All of these are in addition to my full-time job and suite of projects at work, parenting TLG as he barrels on toward kindergarten, trying to be present and mindful for both TheGuy and TLG at home, and managing a household.  But I’m actually excited about each one. And I’m going to try to remember the truism that the way to get anything done is to give the task to a busy person, and assign myself (a busy person) the tasks associated with each of these projects.

Also: gotta’ stop reading the news.

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One Response to Big Plans, No Time for Retrospection

  1. Eric says:

    Enjoyed the updated, and had a fun time trying to guess what each of the projects might be from the description. When the album you write and record as part of Project Rockstar comes out, I’ll definitely buy a copy!! :^)