Project Updates

I have (as usual) some great blog posts that I’ve composed in my head, including one about parenting and cultural literacy.  But when I sit down to write them, I just get tired. Maybe another day.  For now, a quick update on the 2013 projects:

  • Hurricane: Still doing some data gathering, but I have a plan for the next step. Need to do some writing/thinking between now and then, though.
  • Surround: Minor progress by one metric. Surprising (positive) result awaiting confirmation, though.
  • RockStar: Some emails sent and a trip being arranged. So it appears to be on.
  • Rhubarb: Mostly just thinking so far, but the next action item is slowly coming into focus.

In other news, TheGuy has a ton of travel this year, so I’ll be trying to move forward on all of these in and amongst various bouts of solo parenting. That’s pretty hard. Although to be fair to TLG, it’s less the parenting aspects of it that are hard right now, than the ‘manage the household, and the fulltime job, and parenting.’  The household management leg of that triad usually falls to pieces when I’m solo parenting, and that drives me bonkers, because it takes us a long time to recover when entropy overtakes the house.

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One Response to Project Updates

  1. acm says:

    I feel your pain. House list gets abandoned, and sleep has to yield to the need for some self-reward/down time. So less energy and more To Do when second parent returns. Feh.

    Good work progressing on stretch goals! :) I’m still trying to identify the directions I want to go on my own creative projects, let alone making progress toward making that happen…